Atlas Stump Removal is professional and competitively priced to serve both home owners and contractors throughout Central Ohio. We pride ourselves on being honest, courtesy, clean, and thorough.

Reclaim Your Yard

Grinding a stump not only removes an eye sore but it also can free up space for landscaping or lawn area making it easier to mow. Atlas will grind 4″- 8″ below the surface to ensure that soil will grow grass over the ground area.

For additional cost, We can grind up to 20″ deep if you desire to plant a tree in any given area.

Protect and Clean

Traditional methods of pulling and digging can damage lawns and thus be expensive and time consuming. Excessive chips will be cleaned up and driveways and walk ways will be blown off. For convenience, Atlas offers chip removal or chips can be used as mulch. If there are other special considerations please let the operator know. Atlas will be happy to accommodate wherever possible.

Convenient and Prompt

Atlas can respond to your service request typically within 24 hours of most estimates with flexible scheduling to meet customer’s needs. Rough estimates can easily be made over the phone weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. or through email, Phone or Text. Atlas uses a 100 horse power remote controlled Ohio made grinder. Additionally, being thorough ensures that the job is done right the first time.

Tree Removal Too!

In some cases trees can be a nuisance or damaging to vehicles and homes. Atlas removes all types of trees including infested ash trees, sappy pine trees, dangerous dead trees, and more. After the tree is down, the wood can be cut up, moved, or stacked upon request. Wood removal is also available.

Atlas is licensed and insured with workman’s compensation. Atlas owns and operates its own equipment and is locally owned.